Saturday, 4 May 2013

What's the name like?

What’s the name like?

For a while now I have been asked about the meaning of the word “Onefluencer". Yes it is the name of the NLP academy which I run...

Thanks to one of my early mentors, who inspired me to have my own brand name during the initial days of launching my practise. For long (as many of you would have) I too struggled to find a name. And when I heard my friend Nagarajan read out a few lines from a book on growing leaders and Christianity is where I picked up the word Onefluencer. To me when I heard the word Onefluencer I felt attracted to the word for the way it sounded and secondly the concept behind the word. You might not find the meaning of this word in a dictionary. 

Having said that you might wonder, what is the concept of the word Onefluencer? 

History has been evidence, that just one percent of the population goes on to influence the other ninety nine percent and this has happened consistently. Be it a kingdom or a country, a company or a business, the workplace or the family or a social gathering there is always that one percent who use their magic wand so naturally to bring about a change in their environment.

Well some might relate to them as an “influencer” while some might say they are “leaders” and some others might say that they are exemplar of the world. I relate to them as a “Onefluencer” 1% influencing the remaining 99%.

Onefluencer are leaders influencing their part of the world to bring about a change in the way they lead a life, in which, they realise their true potential and discover the excellence that is within them.

And in the future?

Again it will not be a large group of people who will change history and change our surroundings, but it will be the 1% who stand out from the crowd and will face it.

Margaret Mead once said,

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

So it’s time to BE the change…Be the 1%...Be a Onefluencer

Onefluencer of your world!!!


  1. i really dont know if the intent of that small group is to change the world... but surely they do some thing different, they are committed to do something because if they dont do it they cease to exist, or they do what they do under the most challenging situations and they are not concerned of the outcome and are perhaps not even interested in enjoying the fruits of their labour in their life time. Those were the ones who gave us the world that we live it, at least the habitable part of the world... its because of them we find comfort and safety in the position we are in.. its because of them the future generation will hope to live in a world that will defy the predictions of the doomsday prophets

    1. I agree. And to me you are a part of "them" making a difference "Now" for the future generation. Thank you very much for sharing your thought Benedict.

  2. Onefuencer: The name sounds really great and your explanation is really thought provoking.
    However, I have a feeling that when we go to explain something, we limit its potential to unfold itself, which could depend on how the beholder sees. Imagine Picaso writing explanatory notes for his works.

  3. Hi Ramesh ,

    i have a few questions for you ... :)

    1) when you are a Onefluencer , what kind of Onefluencer are you ? ..
    2) and .. anything else about that Onefluencer ?

    3) and ..when Onefluencer ..thats Onefluencer like what ??

    best wishes

    1. Thank you Babu for asking. To is

      Kind of seeing myself standing on top of the mountain and seeing a river flowing pure and white. And as the rippling water flows its sound like music bringing joy and happiness in the environment.

  4. Hi Ramesh, well that is thought provoking. It makes me want to be one of the 1%. I like the word Onefluencer as it implies we are that one. And maybe we can all become one?
    Have you heard U2's song One? Keep going - keep provoking, keep writing. Julian

  5. Ramesh, Onefluencer is certainly catchy and does provoke the reader to think on its meaning for him. Like Bharaths example of Piasco, explaining ones meaning of it though is great idea but would be certainly limiting. All the best in your writing journey as I may join you very soon. Regards Suhhas D Prabhu

    1. Thank you very much Suhhas. I too look forward to seeing you soon.

  6. Hi Ramesh,
    The name of your company, Onefluencer, was really inspiring for me from the very beginning. I do believe that we need a few people with positive influence to make the world a better place (for example TEDx conferences ;) ).
    I'd love to read about the quality of those leaders.
    Thank you for writing and all the best in this journey !

  7. Hello Ramesh Ji,

    I am very glad to see you are able to pen down(type down) your wisdom between your busy schedule. I am awaiting more of these drops of wisdom to create an ocean more often.

  8. Hi Ramesh,
    Great Name ! Achieve some change in atleast few individuals, who will definitely become leaders in this great world. Please guide to bring this silent revolution...Regards, D S Rao

  9. Onefluencer - the 1% of oneself influencing the rest of the 99% of him makes one complete and fulfilled! And for me, the name Onefluencer is synonym for 'Ramesh Prasad', although I have hardly noticed you bringing up the name 'Onefluencer' in your training and coaching. What is in name? It is like a symbol that reminds me the learning imparted to me. Beyond the name, Ramesh's coaching is remembered and his life style is adored. Onefluencer is mere noun to me, but Ramesh is like verb, a continuous present form :). You do your way, the rest of the world gets influenced. Waiting for your book!! -Love

  10. For me, Onefluencer is the 'one' that 'influences' others. It could be people from all walks of life influencing our thought process. And influencing occurs at various levels. To the biggest thing in ones life to the smallest of things. So i see influencing as part of life where one influences another for a common good.

    I also agree to your perspective of 1% influencing 99%. I am holding both the thoughts.

  11. Onefluencer - This sounds great and the true meaning is conveyed without the need for an explanation.Great things in the history had been made possible only by individuals. Let it be Mahatma Gandhi/Mother terassa/Hitler and the list goes....Regards, Aravindh G.

  12. Well it is very true and quite convincing answer. But are you the onefluencer or is it that the one that get trained becomes? Or is it both?

  13. Onefluencer is a great endeavor that has gradually evolved into one of the profound most life transforming platforms of our country.

    What's in a name as long as wonderful mentors like Ramesh keep sharing pearls of wisdom across the globe and keep doing spectacular work.

  14. Hi Ramesh, thank you for sharing what inspired you to create the name "Onefluencer"! There's a lot in a name. It identifies you. And I believe by sharing you have given us an opportunity to peek into your world and learn from your thoughts. Thank you! And wishing you a wonderful journey as you keep touching lives positively! Sapna

  15. Sir , on reading the lines ,it came to mind to remember LIGHT which removes darkness .In the present time ,It is the need where development is questioned .Ready to take responsibility . Thank you for the change that makes the change .Regards

  16. The article is very nice, It says to me, Leaders are not having 99 % , They are their own , and they have a capability to influence 99 % , Like Edisen who invented electric pulb ,That changes the wolrd entirely, So being the onefluencer Is Always Fantastic

  17. Hi Ramesh,

    I think the name Onefluencer is just fab! I have always been curious as to what it meant. Nice to know the history behind. I just love Steve Job's quote that says, "People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are ones who actually do change the world. I think the quote fits you, onefluencer, really really well! :)

  18. Hi Ramesh,
    Onefluencer is a great word. It is a compelling word and it motivates me.

    I do feel, I am one among 1% and influence the rest 99%. This thought makes me look within and around me, to tap my potential and inner resources to make a positive difference to my environment.

    Onefluencer has much more to project. It takes me through the people, Just being 1%, who had written their names indelibly in the history of mankind. John Milton, Henry Ford, Helen Keller……

    All the best.

  19. Excellent Ramesh and completely agreed with 1 % influencers. Very profound thought shared Margaret .. brillaint. Thanks for sharing .. very interesting and loving to read more blogs from you.