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Inspire Days in India

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The "Inspire Days" celebration in India!!! We did it for the first time last year and it was a grand success. If you want to read some of the remarkable feedback take a look hereThe coming year expect another history to be created in the story of NLP India. The largest gathering of NLPians and non NLPians. And the good news that it is open to all. Call it by any name you want a convention, an amalgamation, an Alumnus, a conference or a reunion…for us it is a platform to inspire ourselves and the world. Hence we call this event, an “INSPIRE DAYS”. Another reason to join us for some, the opportunity to meet the Sue Knight who pioneered the application of NLP in Business. As well as to celebrate the brand Sue Knight India. So if you want to be inspired, challenged, provoked, amused, fired up, tickled, shocked, overwhelmed this is the place to be. We strongly believe by learning NLP you learn to model excellence which is the core of NLP. And when you take that excellence to your world, you bring about transformational changes in your environment. This platform offers you to be in the midst of top-class exemplars who have walked the talk. Expect a line up of sessions given by our associates, trained by us in India and the rest of the world. So come get inspired, learn the way you work, build and run your business, the way you lead and encourage others and the way in which you live your life in a state of curiosity and joy.

Who is Speaking...


Viv Bowra

"How to survive at minus 45"... I'm a daughter, a wife, a mother.  In April 2015, I found myself nauseous with hypothermia, a thin sheet of nylon protecting me from polar bears and swirling blizzards on Baffin Island in the Canadian High Arctic.  The feeling in my hands and feet had long gone.  Too cold to even shiver, I wondered if I'd really thought this through or whether I'd just got caught up in the excitement.  Had I been too quick to accept the invitation to trek through Auyuittuq National Park and camp under the shadows of stunning mountains and enormous glaciers?  For those two weeks at least, this was my job.  Before leaving the UK I'd been called selfish by strangers.  My doctor had called me a nutter and asked if I needed my head examined.  My 7 year old son said he didn't want me to go. What an experience!  What an opportunity! What an adventure!  It's not every day that business women trek 100km in freezing temperatures to challenge the gender equality question.  Throughout our six months of training, we'd used NLP to help us prepare mentally for the trip.  As a daughter of an Antarctic Explorer, the spirit of adventure coursed through my veins.  Would the conditions prove whether it was a case of like father like daughter or would I crumble at the first hurdle?  In this session, I'll share how NLP helped the team conquer the challenge of their lives. Viv Bowra is a Learning & Development manager with leaseplan in the UK.


IT... Muzzammil calls himself a student of life. He began running learning strategies unconsciously from a tender age. Examples include convincing little brother of 3 years to part willingly with his chocolate for brotherly love, skilfully passing a language paper during primary school without knowing how to read it, sweet-talking his dad's chauffeur into teaching him driving while he was 13 etc. Born in a family of tailors, he chose to learn garment cutting during his summer holidays. And when he was dreaming of living life as a master cutter like his dad and granddad, luck played its trick on him and he qualified as a chartered accountant in India. His fascination with NLP got rekindled when he attended a business practitioner program with Sue and Ramesh at the serene setting of Cherai Beach. Come and hear how he is applying learning strategy into his everyday life. Muzzammil is a senior finance professional gainfully employed. He currently resides in Doha, Qatar and is happily married with only one wife!

Anand Subramaniam

Anand Subramanian is the head of a very special family business Brain O Brain that in the period of 12 years has grown to have centres in 27 different countries, teaching children all over the world thinking skills and modelling excellence skills. They are training the leaders of the future and doing this in a remarkable way. Come to Anand's session at our Inspire Days in Chennai on Jan 30/31 and find out some of the secrets of his success. Amongst those 'secrets' is the fact that he has no 5 year or 10 year plan but let's the business unfold in true NLP style.

Kiruba Shankar

UnKick the Bucket: What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us True Priorities in Our Lives. 

Near death experiences can be such life-altering moments. Things change drastically and we start looking at life differently. Our eyes open up to true priorities in our lives. We stop living to impress others and start looking at what truly matters for you and your family. 

I'm currently authoring a book titled 'UnKick the Bucket' that profiles people who should be dead but have miraculously survived. Very interestingly, almost all of them seem to be grateful for their second shot at life and they now lead a much richer life following their passion. 

This is also the subject of my talk at Inspire Days. I will share with you the important life lessons I have learned from people who have experienced near-death experiences. This positive talk will focus on key points on how to live a highly fulfilling life by finding out our true priorities in life and being very true to ourselves. Kiruba is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster and a farmer.

Sue Knight

" Coaching with humour aka Provocative Coaching "This approach was developed by Frank Farrelly (who sadly died in 2013) but we have a great opportunity to learn from the UK's leading practitioner, Sue Knight who studied with Frank for 20 years.
Frank Farrelly recognised that laughter and humour are key ingredients in the success stories of many leaders, parents and partners. His work has taught many in the helping professions to identify the right time to switch style and to work in a way that appears to fly in the face of everything they have learnt. This is similar to Will Schutz's experience (the author of FIRO) who began to question the efficacy of his workshops which he dubbed ‘enlightenment'. When he experimented with the opposite – endarkenment – he found that the process was at least as effective – and a lot more fun. Provocative Coaching is in the same tradition.
✓ With this session on Coaching with Humour we will explore:
✓ What Provocative Coaching/Coaching with Humour is
✓ How and when to use it How it helps to avoid getting sucked into rescuing clients
✓ How working with humour creates a state of freedom for you the coach
✓ Some of the specific strategies for coaching this way
This workshop will be relevant to anyone who wants to experience change or facilitate it in a non conventional way. Coaching with Humour is all about bringing change in thinking, perspective and state by stimulating the person to react and, in effect, defend what what they really want and believe.

Steve Hedley

Trinity was founded almost eight years ago and is based on 27 years of experience and expertise. Within the Trinity group we employ 40 full and part-time staff and we currently house about 225 people every year and feed about 40 people every day. Together we provide; emergency support, a variety of responsive and preventative housing options, one-to-one life coaching, employment training and job coaching. The three key qualities - the ‘trinity’ of assets that everyone requires for independence and stability are; a home, people and a job. Our approach to support is solution focused and includes complimentary interventions; Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Enquiry, Brief Therapy and Nero Linguistic Programming. We fundamentally believe people have the solutions to their own problems. Coaches are trained in providing appropriate support to help residents discover their own unique solutions. This presupposition means that we avoid wearing the ‘expert's’ hat, instead encourage residents to discover their own solutions. A person’s right to choose is a central value of our support.

We understand that we cannot do this alone and every year we give the community the opportunity to ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ and to experience homelessness for one night. This is a festival of celebrating our work and the communities involvement followed by sleeping out in winter for one night in the cold and rain, feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable, alone with your thoughts. By engaging as many people as possible we can begin to change the conversation about homelessness as we change people’s attitude towards people suffering homelessness. The event raises essential funds that support our work.

And this amazing man, Steve Hedley (who will be presenting on the Inspire Days in Chennai) will be sharing how he has built Trinity Housing in the UK having once been homeless himself ..his story will change your life ..... As he says “I’m a husband and father, a son, a brother, a CEO, a chef, a coach, a friend, a believer, a philosopher, a critic, a comedian, an artist, a mentor, an ambassador, a leader, a lover, a non-conformist, a poet, a supporter, a survivor, a traveller…not necessarily in that order". 

Yong Hyub Shin

Whenever I meet people, I like to discover their unique characters and enable them to find insight and make change for their life. With Satir communication model, though they were caught a little bit painful stimulus, they could find their own real aspect on the life. Clients as well as coaches and trainers can meet their archetype of oneself in the Satir Model. After my clients have these experiences each one of them was astonished and understood their self through their whole body which is very special. I have heard the name Satir in the NLP and I was so much curiosity. While writing my NLP book “NLP Bible” I read Satir's books “People Making” and “New People Making”. With these books, I could distinguish NLP and Satir very well and there was profound insight! Satir is the gift for human! If you want to know what my saying is, come to my session in the NLP Inspire day. Come on! Shin is a Master NLP Trainer and Author of NLP Bible based in South Corea 

Sue Cashmore-Thorley

The Challenge of a Lifetime ... April 2015. The team had done so very well. Everything was prepared. The training was complete. The kit was ready and the team were busy saying farewell to family and friends. In short, everything was as I had expected and more importantly, as I had hoped for the team. For I was one of three Reserves in the LeasePlan Women's Arctic Challenge 2015 and my position was to support my team mates in their preparations .... and to be on stand by for a possible call up in the case of unexpected events. The Arctic Challenge would see a group of 13 women battle extreme weather and untold difficulties in the name of Diversity and Gender Equality. A 100 km ski trek in the Arctic wilderness. I was extremely grateful to be a Reserve and as the days moved closer to the teams departure my thoughts turned to how I would support them from afar, as they trekked and battled severe weather conditions. But then...after months of preparation and just days before the Team would leave for Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, our Expedition Leader Debra Searle MBE was injured...and a Reserve was called upon...The Reserve was me. Please join me at the Sue Knight Inspire Days in Chennai on 30th & 31st January 2016 to find out how I used NLP to prepare myself for my Challenge of a Lifetime. Sue Cashmore has a background in Customer Services and lives in the UK.

Arul Subramaniam

Being a trainer and a coach, something that has helped me create the difference over the years is giving timely, respectful and honest feedback in an empowering way. Feedback is the core of my trainings and my work with people and organisations. Feedback that inspires influences and enables people. Feedback is to celebrate people's excellence as well as to sculpt someone. In the training context, I consider my role as a sculptor. And feedback is the tool with which I facilitate the learning process. Important as it is to state the truth that might help people, it is equally important to be able to provide it to them in a space that empowers them to make the change and encourages the learning.

How do I offer feedback? What do I do differently? When is the right time to offer feedback? What are the other nuances? How do we do that respectfully and effectively? Let us explore that and more at the Inspire days on 30th Jan 2016 @ Hotel Raintree, Anna Salai, Chennai, along with me and other unique models of excellence. 

Arul Subramaniam is a NLP Trainer & Coach at and co-founder of

Lindsey Reed & Arunima Sen Pathak

Life as an apprentices!!!

October 2014, I remember a bubbling feeling of excitement when receiving the Sue Knight Apprentice Application.  There were many questions that intrigued me “When did you last laugh out loud?”  Well – that’s an easy one for me!! Those needing deeper reflecting were“What three books have influenced you the most in your life?” and “What is your reaction to 3 current world events?” Examples now would be the attack in Burkina Faso, the Refugee crisis and Taiwan electing the first female president …. And how would you answer these questions?
Maybe you thought about applying and then wondered how Sue chose who she did? Are you wondering what it takes and what it is like as an Apprentice?
I couldn’t have predicted how this year has unfolded, and here is a taster of how it has been so far:
1)      Being in a cage, the usual escape routes are blocked. Feeling confused and angry yet choosing to stay and learn even from a dark place.
2)      Sitting on a luxury yacht in the Persian Gulf, experiencing the warmth of the evening air, the twinkling of the lights and the chatter of new NLP friends discussing the day’s learnings.
3)      Noticing my change from deflecting feedback to receiving feedback in a pure state of joy
Yes, come and discover more of this dark and light side to being Sue Knight’s Apprentice… and what happens when we go beyond. Lindsey is a Coach, NLP Trainer and Founder of Glows Coaching, UK. 

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success that is way great spiritual giants are produced. Swami Vivekananda

This is how I experience Sue Knight, a colossus in the World of NLP. Her magnanimity is unfurled worldwide for how she does, what she does. Her way of offering experiential learning and celebrating the structure of excellence of human mind, body and soul revitalizes lives, transcending boundaries of race, religion or culture  !

My journey with Sue so far is etched in the mind as collection of precious moments and invaluable learning,  like colourful pebbles and uncut diamonds, that are 'plucked from the white sand on the beach and placed in tiny boxes that lay undisturbed on tall shelves until one day they spill out and time repeats itself'....

Come and join Lindsey and I on the Inspire Day as we showcase the collection of exquisite learning, that we have gathered on the journey with Sue Knight as her proud Apprentices..... Arunima is a the Director of a well known hospitality college from Kolkata. 

The Venue

The RainTree Hotel @ Anna Salai | Teynampet | Chennai | India


Two days event | Timings: 09:30 to 05:00 | On 30 & 31 January 2016 | Sat & Sun

Book here...

Rs 10,000 + Service tax | Click here to book your seat

Mail me at for any questions that you have
Yours Sincerely,
R Ramesh Prasad

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Map Is Not The Territory

             The world cup for the best football team is in full swing and I have been following the game on Television. And that was one of the main reason I got my 20 year old TV replaced by a 3D HD sports smart TV. Watching the game has been really fascinating. As the players sweat it out to win matches I am thrilled to notice the sheer energy, euphoria, heat, stress, tension, joy, happiness, each one of them carries with them. Getting pushed, kicked and injury is like part of the show. While some get hurt badly and carried away in a stretcher some just get up and carry on. What is interesting to see that in most cases the players involved claim innocence. "I did not do was was just an accident". And as a spectator I tend to support my team...whatever be the scenario

           I came across a similar experience recently and I find that as the most powerful learning’s to take away.  When it... I realised that it hit my core. A number of thoughts kept playing around...what went wrong...was it good or bad…was it my fault or the other person fault...replaying the images in my mind again and again to find out what could be the truth. I found out that I was no different like the football player claiming innocence. And as I experience what I experience I underwent the pain of this process too… I was shattered and so was was my self esteem....which went plummeting down like the stock market. Lost in deep trance for days I was in disbelief questioning my larger purpose of who I am and what was I doing. I ...I decided to to find out what has to be true for this to be true. 
       Sitting under the huge peepal tree one morning the wandering monk Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. He set out from the peaceful groove where he had finally found the truth he had long sought, to share it with others. He journey to where he had arrived had a thousand miles seeking answer to humanity.  'Who shall I teach first?' he asked himself. 'Who will be able to understand this great truth that is so profound and so subtle?' And he began a journey... 
       The larger questions I ask is... what is that I want for myself from all this.  What about the truth that I hold. That what is true for the other person…how can it be true for me…Is there anyone who would be interested in my truth. This search of mine… only lead me ponder deeper and deeper and I find myself...asking  …so what …who is interested in my truth... Like the football audience which supports their team...maybe I will have my audience who will be... But is that the real truth...if so...according to whom...Is the world interested in knowing the truth. Or some one truth. 
       Buddha had achieved what he went in search for...With the football player it is about winning. I fall back and ask what am here to achieve... from whom ..for what. And as I dwell asking a number of these big questions at my purpose level it dawn on me that yes I too want to win...I too what to achieve. Achieve by sharing, winning by giving, winning by being the truth. Will I be so...
       So to me all those of you who cross my path and have played the role of that Buddha. You are my teacher. You have held a purpose for me. You taught me to be truthful to the world...truthful in ways that is right for others... whatever be the scenario
       And realising this I say, 

        "Forgive me for whatever I did and however I came about and made you feel"
"I am responsible"
And that is the truth...

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What is NLP?

What is NLP?

I have been asked all the time what is NLP. I have shared some of my thoughts in this video. And this just a gist of what is NLP...

Let me know what do you think of the talk.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

What's the name like?

What’s the name like?

For a while now I have been asked about the meaning of the word “Onefluencer". Yes it is the name of the NLP academy which I run...

Thanks to one of my early mentors, who inspired me to have my own brand name during the initial days of launching my practise. For long (as many of you would have) I too struggled to find a name. And when I heard my friend Nagarajan read out a few lines from a book on growing leaders and Christianity is where I picked up the word Onefluencer. To me when I heard the word Onefluencer I felt attracted to the word for the way it sounded and secondly the concept behind the word. You might not find the meaning of this word in a dictionary. 

Having said that you might wonder, what is the concept of the word Onefluencer? 

History has been evidence, that just one percent of the population goes on to influence the other ninety nine percent and this has happened consistently. Be it a kingdom or a country, a company or a business, the workplace or the family or a social gathering there is always that one percent who use their magic wand so naturally to bring about a change in their environment.

Well some might relate to them as an “influencer” while some might say they are “leaders” and some others might say that they are exemplar of the world. I relate to them as a “Onefluencer” 1% influencing the remaining 99%.

Onefluencer are leaders influencing their part of the world to bring about a change in the way they lead a life, in which, they realise their true potential and discover the excellence that is within them.

And in the future?

Again it will not be a large group of people who will change history and change our surroundings, but it will be the 1% who stand out from the crowd and will face it.

Margaret Mead once said,

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

So it’s time to BE the change…Be the 1%...Be a Onefluencer

Onefluencer of your world!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

My first blog

Living in Paradise

I am seated in front of the pool waiting to write my first blog. 

I feel the coolness of my arms against the metal arm of my chair and the softness of cushion which makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. 

As I think of getting started the sound of a plane flying high over the sky leaving its trail mark breaks the silence of this beautiful countryside of France called Puy Des Vignes. The sound fades away and I become aware of a bee flying around me and of the pigeon hooting in a distance. I strain myself to listen what can be more for me and there is only silence…silence like I have never experience before. This silence brings in a feeling of calmness in me. I looked around to see what this stillness in paradise can offer to me and I find vast landscape of greenery everywhere. The land flows like a gentle river up and down as far as my eyes can take me till the sky meets the land. The little cluster of villages here and there indicates human population. The vast lands of fields are ripe and ready to be harvested… some with maize and some with sunflowers. The deep woods in the middle of this field only add elegance and grace to this beauty. Plants with beautiful pink and red flowers, roses red and white, fruits with grapes, pomegranate and apple… vegetables like tomatoes, beetroots, carrots, beans and brinjal…All this gives me a feeling that this where maybe God lives. 

Yes!!! god does live here…he is one amongst us…and he created this beautiful place on earth providing the highest sanctity and purity which anyone of us can access to. 

So here I am in heaven being cared and loved with all the kindness I seek for... learning, dining and wining with all the richness I quest for...and in my language I call this prasadam & thirtham which means holy water and food. What more can I ask…I am blessed to be living in paradise. 

Thank you very much Sue and Spence. 

You make a difference in people's lives and I am fortunate to be the chosen one.